What is the Weather Like in Sandpoint?

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So when you are "60" something (not saying I am ...lol), who would ever consider moving 2800 miles away? 2800 miles away to a place that differs in temperature probably in some cases 80 degrees from one place to another?

From sandy beaches and 80-degree crystal clear water to snow and mountains?

Sign me up!
Heres the average temperatures in Sandpoint: Click for the site:  


I guess this is saying, plan on having a place to go in December. LOL!

Ok, December will probably be ok with the fresh white fluffy snow! A white Christmas. Yeah!

January, I dunno about this? February, "Hey, It's my birthday, we need to go somewhere to celebrate"!   

Can you relate no matter where you live?

I guess the moral of the story is; there are no perfect places.

Maybe I'm a bit nieve still, but all the boxes are checked!


Spring...ok a bit wet, budding trees, pussy willows, things start getting a ting of green. Its a bit warmer and daylight longer every day. Another year better than the last(no matter how good last year was).

Summer, yeah, get the boat out! Water skiing on the amazingly beautiful Lake Pend Oreille.

From Wikipedia:

Lake Pend Oreille-(Pond Dor RAY') in the northern Idaho Panhandle is the largest lake in the U.S. state of Idaho and the 38th-largest lake by area in the United States, with a surface area of 148 square miles (380 km2). It is 43 miles (69 km) long, and 1,150 feet (350 m) deep in some regions, making it the fifth-deepest in the nation. It is fed by the Clark Fork River and the Pack River and drains via the Pend Oreille River.

It is surrounded by national forests and a few small towns, with the largest population on the lake at Sandpoint. The majority of the shoreline is non-populated, and all but the southern tip of the lake is in Bonner County. The southern tip is in Kootenai County and is home to Farragut State Park, formerly the Farragut Naval Training Station during World War II, of which a small part is still active and conducts U.S. Navyacousticunderwater submarine research.

The surrounding forests consist of ponderosa pine, Douglas fir, red cedar, poplar, quaking aspen, hemlock, paper birch, and western larch.[4][5]Local Animal species include white-tailed deer, elk, gray wolves, moose, mice, squirrels, black bears, grizzly bear, coyotes, and bobcats, along with bald eagles, osprey, owls, hummingbirds, hawks, woodpeckers, ducks, and the mountain bluebird. The lake is a home for several species of migratory waterfowl.

Fishing, hiking, rafting, hunting, sightseeing. So much to do and see not to mention the Beauty everywhere.

September starts getting a bit nippy in the mornings. The trees start turning the most amazing beautiful colors. The Clouds in themselves are breathtaking. I've seen rainbows with 6 or more layers. Not three, but 6+. I am astonished at how beautiful it is here in the fall. I heard what sounded like rushing water one day n my yard. I asked my friend whats that. It was the birch tree leaves singing. WOW! Oh, yes I remember that from 50 plus years ago in Alaska. Did I really just admit that?

The fist snow.....who knows. I'll let you know later! I hear it's typically in December. Ah! just in time for a White Christmas. I can not wait for Santa to NOT be on a surfboard! Schweitzer skiing. You have to check out Schweitzer!

Schweitzer Mountain Resort is a top-notch ski resort in the northwest United States in northern Idaho, 11 miles northwest of Sandpoint. It has an amazing village consisting of hotels, restaurant, shops, and businesses. Its a mini-city within itself.

She is located in Bonner County in the Selkirk Mountains, and it overlooks Lake Pend Oreille to the southeast with views of the Bitterroot and Cabinet mountain ranges. Breathtaking views.

Approximate Snowfall is approximately 25′.

The top elevation: 6,400 ft (1,951 m).The base elevation is 3,960 ft (1,207 m) the lowest chair - Stella; 4,700 ft (1,433 m)

There is night skiing: 2 chairlifts.

Lots of hiking and mountain biking and sightseeing in the summer as well as some incredible festivals and activities.


Snowmobiling! Here's da best! 

Selkirk Powder Guides
Backcountry Skiing and other Activities in Idaho, near Schweitzer Mountain
We’re getting ready for Winter, and so should you! Learn more about Cat Skiing, Heli-Skiing, and Snowmobiling.


On December 31, 1998, Harbor Properties purchased Schweitzer Mountain Resort from U.S. Bank for the sum of $18 million. 

Check out the webcam at Schweitzer!

Next time!